“The mission of CBS EcoMedia is to harness the power of advertising to effect positive social change.

Through the company’s innovative EcoAd® (patent-pending), EducationAd℠ and WellnessAd℠ programs, advertisers direct a portion of their television, radio, and digital ad-spends to fund critical education, health and wellness, pets, veterans’ and environmental projects nationwide. Recently, CBS EcoMedia’s pioneering digital giving platform, Viewers to Volunteers (V2V) and the Charity Champions League, generated millions of consumer engagements—and $1.3 million in new funding to nonprofits—by giving users the power to direct advertising dollars to the causes and nonprofit organizations that most inspire them.

With CBS EcoMedia’s unique product offerings, brands receive numerous benefits not provided by traditional advertising, including the ability to achieve multiple objectives with a single media buy and the opportunity to meet visionary corporate social responsibility goals.

The division has received numerous awards and honors for its work, including back-to-back Edison Awards for Social Innovation and Social Impact, the CynopsisMedia Social Good Leader of the Year Award, and the Starlight Children’s Foundation “General Norman H. Schwarzkopf Leadership Award.”

Over the past 15 years, the company has positively impacted over 30 million people by delivering funding and resources to targeted municipal and nonprofit projects.

CBS EcoMedia’s programs are available across all CBS platforms: network, local television, radio and interactive.