The Daytime Writers Initiative will provide qualified diverse writers with mentorship, career development and access to daytime decision makers including network, studio and production company executives as well as the executive producers, head writers and writing staffs of CBS’ Daytime dramas, THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS and/or THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL. The goal is to provide an immersive, educational experience of the writing process of daytime dramas and to foster relationships within the CBS daytime family.

The Daytime Writers Initiative is not employment and there is no monetary compensation. It is instead, a program of personal exposure to the process of daytime drama writing and career development. The goal of the Daytime Writers Initiative is to prepare writers for potential employment opportunities in daytime dramas.

The 12-week Program is divided into two six-week phases: The first six weeks include a characters/story lines immersion process and weekly workshops and the second six weeks is mentor-supervised practice script writing.

The primary focus of The CBS Daytime Writers Initiative is to provide access and opportunities for talented and motivated diverse writers with a focus on writers of color. Aspiring diverse writers with a strong desire to write for CBS daytime dramas are encouraged to apply. You must be 21 or older to be eligible.


All completed application materials must be received between March 3, 2014 and May 1, 2014. Any submissions received before March 3, 2014 or with a postmark after May 1, 2014 will not be considered. No hand delivered submissions will be accepted. Finalists will be notified in early July (or such later date as may be determined by CBS). The Daytime Writers Initiative Program is scheduled to begin August 18, 2014 and continue through November 7, 2014. CBS reserves the right to make adjustments to Program schedule.

Each submission must be complete in order to be considered. A complete application packet includes:

  1. Application
  2. Letter of Interest
  3. Work Resume or Bio
  4. Writing Sample:  An original screenplay, stage play, short film script, pilot script or a spec episode of a daytime drama or a primetime serialized drama on any network.
  5. A signed and notarized Submission Release form for the writing sample.

1) Application
Please download the Application Form on this page and print or type your information. Be sure to include e-mail contact information, as this is necessary for any further communication from CBS. Inquiries should be made via email, rather than telephone.

2) Resumé or Bio
Please include an up-to-date work resume or bio.

3) Letter of Interest
Your letter should be addressed to the CBS Daytime Writing Initiative and will be used to evaluate your personal qualifications for participation in the Program. Please tell us why you should be selected as a part of the Program and what talents and personal qualities you have to offer as part of a future writing staff on a daytime drama. Include a few lines about the value of your diverse voice as a writer of color, and its impact on television writing. PLEASE keep your letter to one typewritten, double-spaced page.

4) Writing Samples
The CBS Daytime Writing Initiative is seeking creative, talented and highly motivated individuals to participate. In order to evaluate a writer’s originality and writing skills, a writing sample is required. It can be an original sample, such as a screenplay, stage play, short film script, pilot script or a spec episode of a daytime drama or a prime time serialized drama on any network.

It is strongly recommended that all writing samples be registered with the Writers Guild of America, west, Inc. or the Library of Congress. For information on registration of material at the Writers Guild of America go to or contact the Intellectual Property Registry department at (323)782-4500. To contact the United States Library of Congress, go to or call (202)707-5959.

5) Submission Release Forms
A completed, signed and notarized release form MUST be included, otherwise your submission will not be processed. Please download the Submission Release Form here. The form must be signed and notarized.
Applications cannot be returned.

Application Process

Writing samples must be submitted in PDF file format (Acceptable digital formats: “Thumb drive”, “flash drive”, “USB drive”, or CD).

Application packets should be sent to:
CBS Diversity Institute
Daytime Writing Initiative
4024 Radford Avenue
Broadcast Center, 3rd floor
Studio City, CA 91604

All Submissions Must Be Mailed. No Hand Deliveries Will Be Accepted. All applications must include an e-mail address in order to receive further communication from CBS. If any of the application items are missing, the application will not be processed. Finalists will be notified in early June. The 2014 Daytime Writing Initiative Program is scheduled to begin June 16, 2014 and continue through September 1, 2014.

Participation in the CBS Daytime Writing Initiative in no way guarantees future employment.

Please download the Daytime Writers Initiative ApplicationForm
Please download the Submission Release Form