Diversity Blog

Apr 07 2010

“Passion” by Hill Harper (CSI: NY)

It is amazing to me what our beautiful culture was able to create without the help of machines or electricity. Does it not amaze you? We can learn so much […]

Mar 29 2010

Haiti: By Bill Whitaker

The cameras are gone; Haiti is off the front pages. Now two months later, it’s possible for those who experienced the magnitude 7.0 earthquake through the media to think of […]

Mar 08 2010

“Everything is Better with Diversity Sprinkled on Top!”

What Does Diversity Mean to You? By Linda Sasoon “Diversity” by definition: Merriam Webster Main Entry: di·ver·si·ty Function: noun Inflected Form(s): plural di·ver·si·ties Date: 14th century 1 : the condition […]