Mar 26 2018

Exploring the Pillars of the CBS Women’s Networking Group with Kydee Williams and Phoebe Gittelson (Part 2 of 2)

Kydee Williams and Phoebe Gittelson Photo Cr.: Gail Schulman/CBS ©2018 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved

In honor of Women’s History Month, The CBS Women’s Networking Group co-chairs, Kydee Williams and Phoebe Gittelson, discuss what the pillars of the group mean to them…



When I started at CBS, one of the first events I took part in for the Women’s Networking Group was for the Covenant House. I had known about all of the great work that the Covenant House does for women because a late friend of mine was a product of the Covenant House and always talked about how life changing that place was for her. I had volunteered with them in the past and was grateful that I was now a part of a company with such strong ties to this organization. The CBS Women’s Networking Group host parties for these women and their children during the holidays and also for Mother’s Day. We show up and support them when they need it the most. This kind of work makes me proud to be an employee at CBS. We’ve also volunteered at the God’s Love We Deliver headquarters, packing over 3,000 soups for people in need.

I’m a huge believer in helping others, no matter what. Sometimes we get so focused on our careers and on our personal lives that we forget there are people in the world who need us. No matter where we are in our lives, we can always lift up others. I am happy that philanthropy is a pillar of our group. As we continue to uplift others we continue to uplift ourselves.



Where would we be without the women that came before us? In my career and personal life, I am constantly grateful to the many women who have influenced my life and shaped my trajectory, whether they be teachers, friends, colleagues or activists. Mentorship is a pillar of the CBS Women’s Networking Group because there is always room for growth and positive change within us all. Josie Thomas has been a mentor to me over the last few years here at CBS. When I first started, I was hungry to learn more about the Company, to meet new people across all divisions, and to create a forum for networking within the Company. Being only 21 at the time, I was intimidated by the company culture and systems in place, but Josie guided me with her knowledge and experience, helping me to relaunch the Women’s Networking Group in 2015. Through that process and beyond, I continue to learn from Josie. Mentorship is so important…with the friendship and bond that Josie and I have cultivated, a spring of networking and mentorship opportunities have sprung to quench the thirst of hundreds of women at CBS. Although it might be scary to approach a mentor, just know that the worst thing that can happen is nothing, and you’ll be right where you are at this moment.