Mar 21 2018

Exploring the Pillars of the CBS Women’s Networking Group with Kydee Williams and Phoebe Gittelson (Part 1 of 2)

A Conversation with Noriko Kelley EVP Programing Planning and Scheduling CBS Entertainment PICTURED left: Phoebe Gittleson Manager CBS Communications and Kydee Williams CBS Diversity and Inclusion. Corporate Responsibility Photo Cr.: Michele Crowe /CBS CBS ©2017 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved

In honor of Women’s History Month, the CBS Women’s Networking Group co-chairs, Kydee Williams and Phoebe Gittelson, discuss what the pillars of the group mean to them…

 Career Development


Some people underestimate the value of Employee Resource Groups, but I’ve learned that it’s something to take advantage of. The Women’s Networking Group has done so much for my career since I started at CBS. The group immediately made me feel comfortable with networking and meeting others. Our steering committee meetings are productive and a great source of brainstorming and building on each other’s ideas. Our newsletter always spotlights an executive who gives authentic advice on their career, which is significant to me. Our events are both inspirational and impactful. Being able to plan an event for Noriko Kelley, EVP of Programming, Planning and Scheduling, to speak about her career trajectory, in which she started out as an intern at CBS, is proof that with hard work, dedication, and the right support system behind you, all things are possible. I’ll never forget the impact that the AWE: Professional Branding Workshop had on me as well. We were tasked with writing down our goals and listing all of the things that we do in our professional lives that ultimately formulates our brand. Often times, we forget or water down our accomplishments, so this activity, as simple as it might’ve been, was transformative in my life. I can now say I have an elevator pitch, and say it in confidence. Career Development is such an important pillar for the Women’s Networking Group because it opens doors for professional growth, change, and perpetual learning.



The power of conversation is pivotal to our careers. I set out to start a networking group almost three years ago to ensure that everyone at CBS has access to insight beyond the department in which they work. How do we know what we like if we’ve never been exposed to it? How can we succeed at our jobs when we don’t know what the other half of our Company is up to? Young, wide-eyed and excited, I worked with the Diversity department to relaunch the Women’s Networking Group. Networking is an essential pillar to our group because it is through conversation that we expose ourselves to new people, experiences, opportunities and mentors. We’ve held many events over the last few years across the Company, from professional branding, to self-care workshops, to networking happy hours with other networking groups. I like to remind our members that they hold the megaphone that is going to amplify their dreams into realities. Networking is a tool, a lifestyle, a challenge. Push yourself in new ways to be more open to conversation, whether it is in line for coffee or between meetings in the elevator. Every opportunity to connect with someone is an opportunity to further your goals and achieve your wildest dreams.

Stay tuned for the next two pillars, Mentorship and Philanthropy.