Jul 19 2017

CBS Corporation Diversity Council wraps 2016-2017 Session with High School for Environmental Studies

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The CBS Corporation Diversity Council recently wrapped the 2016-2017 session of their High School Partnership with High School for Environmental Studies. At an Awards Night Ceremony at HSES in May, Council member Barbara Matos awarded two CBS Corporation Diversity Council Scholarships to two very deserving and incredibly impressive young adults, Ermiyas Liyeh and Lesley Calle.  However, it does not end there.  During the interview process for the scholarships, Council members became better acquainted with Ermiyas’ incredible story and immediately knew they had to do more. He came here from Ethiopia on a scholarship from Penn State University he received to attend a Summer Science Camp.  He remained here after the Summer camp and was immediately enrolled in school.  He’s here on a student visa and all by himself, no family or friends but a school that felt strongly about helping him.  He is an A+ student and extremely driven.  He has been accepted to Rochester University and will attend in the Fall. Under really difficult circumstances he managed to excel in school and is unwavering in wanting to get an education and become an engineer.  Ermiyas is a remarkable young man and the Council too, felt compelled to do more.  In addition to the scholarship, Council member, Michelle Martin, Vice President, HR Specialty Services created an Amazon Wish List to provide him with personal necessities and school supplies.  Council members, as well as other CBS employees, generously answered the call.  They provided all he will need and more. On June 19th at a Diversity Council Meet and Greet, Ermiyas and HSES College Counselor, Jessia Arkin, met several Council members and he was presented with all his gifts.  “He beamed with excitement and awe and could not stop thanking us. Ermiyas is incredibly grateful and most appreciative and has since sent us a two page handwritten thank you letter. He promised to make us all very proud. And, I’m sure he will.” noted Barbara Matos, VP Diversity and Inclusion, CBS Corporation.

Photo Above: Ermiyas Liyeh – HSES – CBS Corporation Diversity Council Scholarship Recipient


Ermiyas Liyeh with Michelle Martin


Erimiyas Liyeh with Barbara Matos & Kydee Williams