Apr 11 2016

“Typical Writing Day.” by Damir Konjicija and Dario Konjicija

“What’s it like writing together?” It’s the question we’re asked most often. Well, aside from, “Are you guys twins?” The latter is much easier to answer since it’s a resounding, “No.” We are however brothers, roommates and writing partners. (We’re on a mission to find out how many titles two individuals can share before they kill each other. So far so, so good.) For all those reasons, our working relationship is slightly different from that of a more traditional writing team. We share a deep history, inherent shorthand, and the same mother who’s always complaining that we don’t call enough. So in an attempt to answer the above question, we’ve decided to give you a little play by play of our typical writing day…

10 AM – Our usual start time. (Unless one of us was out late the night before. But who are we kidding? We both lack a poppin’ social life. So we start at 10.)

10:15 AM – Time to kick the brain into high gear with a nutritious and well-balanced breakfast. (Or a day-old bagel from Starbucks.)

11 AM: We’re now settled in with the laptop in front of us, waiting for inspiration to strike…

11:10 AM: Surfing YouTube videos.

11:30 AM: We’re finally happily chugging along. The fingers are moving, the ideas are flowing and we’re on track to get at least two scenes done by lunch.

1 PM: Lunch! We debate where to eat for the next fifteen minutes, even though all roads eventually lead to Panera Bread. (Can’t beat those bread bowls.)

2 PM: Feeling a little pressure to accomplish our goals for the day. We hunker down and try to make the most of our afternoon.

3:15 PM: We take an electronic five to see what fun things our friends are up to on Instagram. Since we spend most of our weekends writing, we can’t help but feel a little jealous. We swiftly make a pact to take back our weekends as soon as we get staffed. (We deserve to brunch too, dammit!)

3:30 PM: Emotions are heated and language more pointed as we debate over the blow to a scene. We eventually come to terms and make a decision… and then five minutes later both hate that decision and easily agree on a different way out.

4:15 PM: We both just pitched the same joke at the exact same time. (This happens way too often and never ceases to freak us out.)

5 PM: We complete our work for the day and set goals for the following morning, then promptly turn on Netflix.

And that’s what it’s like to write together.