Dec 03 2009

Step Out On Nothing by Byron Pitts

What a wonderful gift it is to receive the kindness of others who expect nothing in return.

I enjoyed that very level of kindness at the October 26th reception by the CBS RAD Council (Respect, Appreciate Develop) held at CBS Black Rock. Nearly 50 CBS employees of color showed up in support of my first book STEP OUT ON NOTHING. More than simply a reception, it was a warm and wonderful fellowship. We were able to chat, exchange business cards and share a few war stories without the strain of deadlines.

A number of people said my journey reminded them of moments on their journey; perhaps not the particulars of my story, but the shared story of struggle in life and the joy that exists on the other side of that struggle.

Josie Thomas, Senior Vice President Diversity addressed the group and gave everyone updates on the companies renewed commitment to diversity and spoke about Leslie Moonves personal commitment to diversifying our company at the highest levels.

During the 90-minute reception, I shared with colleagues and friends the essence of STEP OUT ON NOTHING. It’s the journey of a boy from East Baltimore to CBS NEWS and 60 MINUTES. I did not learn to read until I was 12 and spoke with a stutter until the age of 20.

It’s a journey lined by my family and friends and a few strangers who mostly lifted and encouraged me along the way. I read a few paragraphs from the book and there were chuckles and even a few tears –

That night there was a real sense of community. There were people from almost every division of CBS, some with big titles some with no title at all, yet all willing to share and support each other on our individual journeys at CBS. I can’t wait until the next event!

STEP OUT ON NOTHING is available now in all major bookstores.